FLASHA is Committed to Continuing Education

Co-Sponsor an event with FLASHA!


Would your organization like to promote a speaker or topic for continuing education in the State of Florida?
Would you like to receive state continuing education hours for the in-service?
Would you like to receive CEUs from ASHA for the workshop?

If you answered yes to the above…

If you appreciate and value the exposure and recognition generated by working with FLASHA, then…

FLASHA would be proud to work with you!

FLASHA is an approved CE provider by the State of Florida, and has maintained our ASHA CE Provider Status for decades.

How can working with FLASHA on a Co-sponsored CE Activity benefit  our organization?

FLASHA will assist you in preparing the necessary information for planning, promoting, implementing, evaluating, and reporting all paperwork for the co-sponsored activity is processed through the association office, and ensure that the paperwork is filed with ASHA in order to receive credit on the CE Registry.

At this time, FLASHA is not co-sponsoring any independent studies.

Is there a fee to ASHA and FLASHA for this service?

Yes, the ASHA submission fee is $250 per workshop.

The FLASHA Co-Sponsor fee schedule is as follows:

Up to 5 hours = $475.00

6 – 10 hours = $625.00

Each hour over 10 = $50.00 per hour

ASHA Fee = $325

Certificate & Shipping/Handling Fee = $75

Rapid Turnaround Fee (request is less than 60 days out) = $50.00

Advertising Fee = $150

Paperwork and payment should be submitted to FLASHA 60 days prior to the program. Starting at 59 days out, the rapid turnaround charge will apply. We will be unable to co-sponsor any course if less than 45 days from start of course.

Checks should be payable to FLASHA, and should include the fee for ASHA. We can assist you in determining the total fee schedule.

If we Co-Sponsor an event with FLASHA, what must we provide?

Our VP of Continuing Education will provide you with our CEU Co-Sponsorship Request Form along with detailed instructions on completing the following documentation:

  1. Completed co-sponsor request application with payment.
  2. A description of how you determined or assessed the need for your program,
  3. A draft of the promotional materials (brochure),
  4. Short bio(s) and completed disclosure forms for all scheduled speakers,
  5. A copy of the program evaluation materials you will utilize to evaluate your program,
  6. An abstract of each speaker’s presentation,
  7. A description of how you will assess the attendees outcomes of learning,
  8. A time-ordered agenda (including breaks and lunches).
  9. All of the requisite documents must submitted at least 45 days in advance of our Cooperative CEU Event.