Task Force and Committee Involvement

Team Work, Critical Issues, Community Impact!

Continuing Education (CE)

  • Consists of the Vice President of Continuing Education and volunteer members
  • Plan, oversee and evaluate the Association’s CE
  • Prepare and submit CE registrations/applications to the respective continuing education-granting entities (ASHA/State of Florida).
  • Assists in selecting speakers, topics and programs for conferences outside the Annual Convention
  • The Chair of the Continuing Education Committee shall coordinate with and/or use Association Office resources to arrange for meeting venues and other arrangements.


  • Members of this committee include the Vice President of Convention and volunteers
  • This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual spring convention
  • Subcommittees include: exhibits, local arrangements, public relations, silent auction, CE monitors, program, and registration.

Ethical Practice

  • Open to four volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • This committee consists of a chair and members who are licensed Speech- Language Pathologists and Audiologists.
  • Responsibilities include investigation of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and report the results of the investigation to the Executive Board.

Government Education

  • Consists of the Vice President for Governmental Education and volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • The committee must include members of both professions.
  • This committee advocates, coordinates and monitors all activities related to legislative, licensure, Department of Education certification and governmental issues.
  • This Committee is responsible for ensuring that the membership is made aware of legislative and regulatory trends and issues that will impact members of the Association.


  • This committee consists of 4 members who are either Past-Presidents of FLASHA or past recipients of the award
  • This committee nominates members for the Honors of the Association or for special recognition and non-members for distinguished service awards.
  • The honorees are announced at the annual convention


  • This committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Membership Services
  • Open to volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • Responsibilities include: developing and implementing ideas to recruit new members and retain seasoned members. Ideas may include: developing a membership survey to evaluate the organization’s performance, developing promotional materials, recognizing outstanding members. and keeping the membership informed of activities and benefits


  • Chaired by the Immediate Past President who will appoint 4 members
  • To develop a slate of candidates to run for election
  • Ensure the slate of candidates is provided to the membership and ensures ballots are received and counted
  • Notify the candidates and the Executive Board of the election results
  • Announce the results to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting during Convention


  • Open to volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • Assist the Vice President of Publications in developing the association’s newsletter, the FORUM
  • This committee prepares and distributes all official publications of the Association, for activities related to Public Relations and Resource Development, and for oversight of content on the FLASHA website.
  • Serving as a resource to other committees on issues regarding publications
  • Help develop new ways for FLASHA to utilize social media

Public School

  • Chaired by the Vice President of Educational Services and volunteer members
  • Identifies the needs of the membership employed by the public school settings
  • Informs members of the association’s issues and activities related to the school setting
  • Provides recommendations to the Executive Board on identified issues
  • Is a liaison with the State Department of Education

Ad Hoc: President’s Advisory (previously known as Circle of Past Presidents)

  • Chair is a member designated by the President and consists of Past Presidents of FLASHA
  • Advises the President on any issues or concerns that affect the association
  • With the vast experience of the Past Presidents, this committee is able to utilize the past to ensure success of the association in the future

Ad Hoc: Multicultural Issues

  • Open to volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • Chaired by a member selected by the Vice President of Professional Practices in Speech-Language Pathology.
  • This Committee provides
  • information and education to the membership and general public regarding multicultural issues
  • serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board
  • advocate for best practices in speech-language pathology and audiology
  • serve as liaison to other professional organizations in the area of multicultural issues.

Ad Hoc: Public Relations and Marketing  

  • Open to volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • Chaired by the Vice President of Public Relations.
  • This group is responsible for enhancing consumer awareness of communication disorders and the services that members provide relative to those disorders
  • Coordinate activities that advance information services to other professions, including insurance agencies, media and the general public
  • Develop activities to improve awareness of students of the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology in order to increase enrollment in university training programs

Ad Hoc: Reimbursement

  • Open to volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • Chaired by members designated by the President This committee is responsible for determining what issues face the membership in the area of reimbursement of services provided to the client
  • Coordinate efforts with insurance providers in order to attempt to resolve these issues
  • Coordinating with ASHA in the area of reimbursement, including obtaining grants from ASHA to assist this committee in its efforts

Ad Hoc: Student Liaison and Student Services

  • Open to volunteers who are members of FLASHA.
  • This committee is responsible for coordinating efforts with all Florida universities that provide training in the professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Members may include university professors and university students.
  • Provide suggestions to the Executive Board in the area of student membership, involvement, and leadership in FLASHA

Ad Hoc: FLASHA Foundation Liaison to Communications Committee

*This committee contains a liaison between the FLASHA Foundation and FLASHA