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FLASHA Meets with Rep. Ritch Workman and the HMO's Participating in the Florida Statewide Managed Medicaid Rollout (SMMC)

During our annual business meeting and luncheon last May, we heard from Representative Ritch Workman who was successful in procuring a 5% raise in the Medicaid fee-for-service reimbursement. He met with FLASHA members after the luncheon to listen to concerns and problems encountered by speech-language pathologists involved in the transition from Medipass to HMO's as a result of the SMMC rollout. After listening to these members, Rep. Workman organized a series of meetings with all the participating HMO's in the Florida, CMS and AHCA to air out these issues.  The meetings took place on June 4, 5 and 6 at Rep. Workman's office in Tallahassee. Please take a moment of your busy day to write him and thank him for this terrific opportunity for FLASHA and its members.

FLASHA was represented by Dr. Robert Fifer and Ms. Abbie Woodard, who have been very active in FLASHA's Medicaid Task Force. It is with much gratitude to them that we can provide the following report to our FLASHA members.

For details on this report, please log in to My FLASHA.

Florida Statewide Managed Medicaid Rollout (SMMC)


ATA of FL wants to hear from you:

ATA of Florida has expressed  the importance of providing FLASHA members /therapy providers a direct access when  they need to ask questions, report complaints and/ address any /all issues that need to be resolved by ATA-FL. Thanks to the efforts oaf Mr. Rafael Giralda, they have set up a direct email for FLASHA members/therapy providers: ATAFL@HealthNetworkOne.com. An ATA representative will respond to your email within three business days.



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